Denver Guest Artist Ashes Bardole

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Hey Rebels! Get excited because we will be hosting a very special guest artist at our Denver shop very soon! Ashes Bardole grew up on a small farm in Utah surrounded by nature and animals which later inspired her artwork! She first considered becoming a tattoo artist when she was 14 years old but quickly became intimidated by the fact that the art is permanent on someone else’s body. Although when Ashes started getting tattooed in college, she finally built up the courage to pursue a career in this industry with the help of her mentor/tattoo artist. She has now been tattooing for 5.5 years specializing in her own unique style utilizing blackwork as well as pastel and bright

Ashes will be visiting Denver the week of July 11th through July 16th so make sure to book now! The best way to reach her is via email at [email protected]