Jordin Rowe

Jordin Rowe


Originally from Phoenix Arizona, Jordin moved to Texas when she was young. She has always loved being creative and when her family members began getting tattooed, she fell in love with that art form. She was fascinated with the fact that a person could become the canvas and create on themselves as well as others! Her passion for tattooing and desire to be tattooed herself propelled her down a career path that made the most sense for her.

Jordin started tattooing professional at the age of 17 as a senior in high school. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to begin her dream career so young.

Her favorite subjects to tattoo are anything nature related such as flowers, birds, insects, fruits, etc. Some styles she enjoys tattooing are color, black and gray realism as well as Neo-Traditional. Jordin pulls a lot of inspiration from exploring the outdoors, studying how light interacts with nature and colors. When she is not tattooing, you will find Jordin on her skateboard!

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